Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Dream/Magic Tier

The Dream Magic Tier

The Data/Magic tier is a subspacial dynamic quasiplane sandwiched between the DataBranes and the MagicBranes which permeates the warped eight dimensional model of Narcosian spacetime according to the rules of Hoffman MechanicsWhile it's true purpose or reason is unknown to most scholars it's primary common use has been to serve as information storage/retrieval, personal connectivity and FtE (Faster than Ether) communications. This D/Mt layer is only accessible in the presence of intelligent beings, and some argue that this tier is in fact created by the the introduction of higher order thought into non localized fields. 

Prior to the advent of D/Mt-Ego Translator Symbiotes D/Mt interactivity was only known to a few Narcomages in the Mosaic Data Mesh Area. In the modern day however these implants are so ubiquitous that not having one is unusual. Those that do not have an implant will sometimes carry Personal Computational Playback unit which will allow the user to access information and communications from the D/Mt sphere.

Primary Uses:

Personal, Public and Private Area Networks.

InterPlanetary, InterStellar, and InterGalactic Communications

Brane Hacking (Dimensional Travel) and FtE Navigation

EgoStimulant, NarcoTheorem and Branedance Programming

Ego Hacking and NarcoPuppetry

PharmEcology of the DataSphere

It is suspected that the Aurincola dream nettles are in fact low frequency high bandwidth D/Mt packets which are unique to each specimen.

Hallucinatory Intelligence (H.I.)
The H.I. are a mystery, sometimes empathic and sometimes terrifying. No one has sufficiently studied them to ascertain their origin, but the prevailing theories state they are either organic byproducts of D/Mt manipulation, EgoStates of those lost in D/Mt space or Simply Extradimensional Beings. A few fringe thinkers believe that all of these are true. Whatever they are, H.I. will only be found in D/Mt space.

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