Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cell Phones In Cyberpunk 2013

The Cell phone, a staple of our everyday first world social culture, it's a computer in your pocket and a communications device of amazing ability. For all intents it's a magical device that we take for granted in the real world.

In the RETROFUTURE of 2013 however they are still somewhat solid, clunky and completely lacking in any ability to do more than make a phone call over a digital network. If you get too far from a major population center you are screwed. No roaming here 'gato.

On the plus side, while you may not be able to look up a recipe for peanut kibble cookies, you can kill someone with it.

Nukia Brickphone * MELEE * -1 * J * C * 1d6+1 * n/a * n/a * IN (INDESTRUCTABLE)

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