Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RPGaDay 27 "New Edition"

Good ol' Bobby Brown... whatever happened to that guy? A lot of fucked upness in that guys life. I never really listened to New Edition personally, my hair style wouldn't allow it...

Wait, what?

Oh, New Game Edition? okay okay..

I have totally given up on the game I really want to see a new edition of, and most anyone who knows me will know what game it is.

Duh, right?

Since that isn't going to happen with my lifetime, however, I will have to rely on Dave Allsop to complete his Magnum Opus edition of...

Baring that, I hear Mike Pondsmith is "Brainstorming" an updated Cyberpunk for us CPGeeks, V3 didn't go off too well because edition wars... I liked it enough, even if the art was... yeah.

Please Mike, I'm begging you, make this happen.

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