Friday, August 8, 2014

RPGaDay 08 "Tell me about your character"

As I am normally the GM in the majority of games I am involved in, I will have to forgo telling you about my PCs and instead tell you about my NPCs. Max was created as my first player character for a Cyberpunk 2013 campaign we'd begun the day I brought home that awesome black box. 

I played Max for quite some time until my group at the time disbanded. Later, I resurrected him as an NPC when the new edition came out and I began running the game again. The changes in the CP2020 timeline meant some additional retconning, but it worked out better that way anyway.

Maximillian Walker-Hays had been a promising young man during his school years, he was bright, well rounded and a good friend to many of his fellow students. Shortly before High School ended, however, Max's mother was killed in an "accident" at a mid sized genetics company that killed several others as well. This would change him forever. He became brooding, cold hearted and prone to violent outbursts.

Directionless, without choices and angry at the world, he joined the Marines. He was immediately stationed to Panama during the beginnings of the First Central American Conflict. After the loss of his legs and an arm from a landmine he was attached to the newly reformed Raiders Regiment that served as a special operations group using cybernetically enhanced soldiers. There were many tours, many losses and worse, betrayals.

Max wouldn't return to the United States until years after the end of the second Central American War and the "Long Walk" home. The world, of course, had changed dramatically in the years he'd been gone. He wasn't welcome by anyone but those he'd served with and ended up working as a security consultant for an up and coming corporation called Mindstorm Cybernetics.

It was while working for this company that he was reunited with an old friend and brother in arms named Hoffman who had spent the last few years compiling information on the deaths of his own wife and daughter. In his research Hoffman had not only found the killer of his family, but had uncovered the reasons behind the explosion that killed Max's mother as well.

Armed with this information and a healthy supply of experimental weaponry and cybernetics Max and Hoffman started a prolonged campaign against the company that was behind these murders. That company was called Arasaka.

We'd wrapped up that campaign, and I'd sent Mike and the guys at R. Talsorian a big fat envelope full of stories and drawings as an amatuer attempt at a session wrap up. I don't know if anyone read that letter, but I like to think that they did. Some of the changes in the game world between the two edition had changed in a similar fashion.

Soon after, our gaming group began to unravel. People moved, friends because distant and all the other obstructions life can sometimes throw at you fated our group to an end.

A year later, after Cyberpunk 2020 hit the shelves, I returned to this world and began running games in it again. Max had moved from gun for hire to head of his own company called Maelstrom Macrotech which was formed by the merger of Mindstorm Cybernetics and Hoffman's own private security company. New characters would be hired by him to do his dirty work.  

Fast forward to 2014, I would finally find a new group to game with and wanted to return to that storyline, but Cyberpunk felt too badly dated and I'd fallen for a new game called Eclipse Phase. it wasn't a huge jump to merge these two game worlds so I brought in a few of those characters. Max is still around, still on earth trying to rescue as many people as he can. His "son" Adam takes the lead now though and Max has had an interesting change in morphology but he's still a fighter.

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