Sunday, August 3, 2014

Space... Herpes! A monster for Dungeon World.

SPACE HERPES.      small groups, tiny, stealthy
Penetrate. (d6-3 damage).            6 HP, 1 Armor (Squishy).
Special qualities: Slime. Infects on a 2 in 10 chance.
Terribly dangerous with no known antibodies. While in its dormant state it resembles a large stone egg. Do not expose it to heat or moisture. In its active state it seeks only to remain hidden and infect other species, usually while sleeping or otherwise unaware. Hosts remain contagious to others of their kind and can be of any gender, but only those capable of producing offspring are capable of becoming willing, but secretive, breeders of new eggs.
Instinct: Infect unaware host.
Run and Hide
Slippery when Wet
Really Gross

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