Saturday, August 9, 2014

Slave of Heaven

Submit, succumb, fall in with the rest of them
don't worry, violent fury
stand in awe, fatal flaw
death to the minority, the right priority
by the time you turn it on too late
already burned out..... doubt, ablate
seashells buy and sell a bombshell
flase profit the bottom line
do drugs do time
do or die
live a lie
please baby don't you cry
I promise I'll never say goodbye
stand tall fly straight, life is hate
take the bait
grow up, don't be a child
teeth broken, raped, defiled
let go, let your jiuces flow
prepare to reap what you sow
give love/hate room to grow
on the first
love so fake, heartbreak
the measure of a mans life, strife
boils down to values
the nation state, pure hate
predestiny or fate?

Nerves fray grate
Yet my emotions linger
breaking fingers
stranger than fiction, friction
tied down to the crown
restrict, destruct
feeling quite fucked, thanks
thanks for the tanks 
and the interstate banks

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