Sunday, August 24, 2014

RPGaDay 24 "Most Complex System"

I saw many entries that confused with the most Intellectual Game entry from Day 07. I did not make this mistake. (I cheated and read ahead). I've already read a few doozies tonight already, Twilight 2000, Hero, even Synnibarr and RoleMaster.

I don't own any of those. I have my own nightmares to contend with, thank you.

A lot of people are giving SLA Industries crap for being complex I hear. Combat can be a pain in the ass, but I wouldn't call it the most complex game. The Ebb, yeah I agree it needs a revised ruleset to clear all that up.

Pretty much any game with rules for hacking and netrunning, lets not discuss adding drones and rigging and magic and shit.. god...

Even as easy as I found the core system inside Cyberpunk 2020, the netrunning was a real pain, especially in realtime.

I think the win, however, goes to also one of my favorite games of all time. This game gives you the detailed SF setting on top of  a load of realistic data, STL space travel that takes days and months and a Ti Graphing Calculator to figure out timeframes.

Don't even get me started on keeping track of characters that may exist in multiple morphologies, including an information based simulation which can be backed up and stored in manifold states of experience with possible probable forks or copies which may or may not be willing to reintegrate with the core persona. 


Oh I forgot, it's a fairly simple matter to just jump from one body to another any time you encounter a better suited or more expensive morph. (That doesn't mean you have to leave the body you're in either)

I can handle the core system, it's fairly simple, but character management can be a nightmare of paperwork.

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