Thursday, August 21, 2014

RPGaDay 21 "Fave Licenced Game."

I only have a few licenced game products, so this list will be quick. I won't be listing one of these licenced games because I'm saving it for a later post. I generally shy away from games like these because, for the most part, I don't feel like I can capture the essence of the original work.

Mouse Guard. 

Wonderful game, design and setting but I still couldn't grasp the system as it's used here. Too easy to brush past the conflict in my opinion.

 Atomic Robo

This looks really fun to play, but I'm not so sure about sustained dramatic play. Haven't finished reading it yet, but I can't see this becoming my favorite. Good for some fun one shots though I bet.

Which leaves me with

The Laundry

If you haven't heard of The laundry yet, then for fuxks sakes please go find out what I'm talking about. This game and it's multitude of sourcebooks are based on the world created by Charles Stross in his Bob Howard books. Bob works for the British Laundry service which is equal parts Dilbert, with insane office politics, James Bond because it's a secret British intelligence service and H.P. Lovecraft because they aren't just fighting spies and criminal masterminds. They get to fight those too, but the real focus is keeping TERRORS FROM BEYOND in their place.

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