Tuesday, August 19, 2014

RPGaDay 19 "Favorite Published Adventure"

As a whole I don't really do published adventures, I tend to just make shit up as I go along. It's either fly by the seat of my pants or more ideally "planned" improv. I only own a few, Three of those are for Kult so it should be obvious I enjoy them.

Kult is great, but the published adventures leave me feeling dated these days, so I'm picking something a bit newer.

Dat Back Cover Blurb.

The End Times are upon us. The Sleeper stirs in his pyramid. The clock ticks towards midnight. Time to go to work. GOD GAME BLACK ushers in the apocalypse for your Laundry Files games. The stars are coming right, and there's no more room for error. In conjunction with the latest novel in the Laundry Files series, THE APOCALYPSE CODEX, this book opens up terrifying new vistas of a world plunging towards apocalypse. Inside, you'll find: * External Assets - the people (and things) that don't quite fit on any org chart, but are on the front line of this secret war * Updated personnel rosters for key characters, and rules on updating your game * The inner workings of the Black Chamber, the US Government's own occult intelligence agency * The horrors of the Sleeper's Pyramid, and the Laundry's watch on the Wall of Pain * Three new adventures that run parallel to the events of THE APOCALYPSE CODEX. GOD GAME BLACK. We can't afford to lose.

Fuck yeah, who doesn't love a good APOCALYPSE?

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