Monday, August 4, 2014

RPGaDay 04 "The Last (5) Game(s) I Purchased."

For the last few months I have been running an Eclipse Phase campaign roughly based on my old Cyberpunk 2020/V3 plotline. It's got Rogue Clones, Cyberdogs, Vastly Intelligent Promethean AIs and all the usual fun things that can mangle an unsuspecting character, but one thing it lacked was a non crunchy set of rules.

I personally don't have a problem with the crunch of EPs ruleset, but a couple of my players are new to the hobby and they weren't comfortable with the numbers so I ended up switching to something a little easier for new players. The system I chose was FATE.

The FATE core rules seems to have been well received by my group. There isn't a FATE/Eclipse Phase conversion ready yet (This was planned as part of the Transhuman Kickstarter from last year), so I decided to hell with conversion rules and converted the characters by writing out character aspects for the core Ego and having a separate set of aspects and stunts for each Morph. 

That wasn't the last game I purchased though. After a few more sessions, I felt I needed a slight break from running the game so I could get all my new ducks in a row and plan out the next few sessions. My friend Kevin was nice enough to offer a hand at GMing a few sessions. So we all wrote up some new classic fantasy characters based on the FATE Freeport Companion rules. 

We are META GAMING (oh noes) this Fantasy Setting, by running it as a "Total Immersion" Simulated Space Environment being run off a Promethean Server. That might not be important. (You can read the details in upcoming blog posts!). Making a character for this was fun and easy. It kinda made me want to play more fantasy stuff (I am a Fantasy Burnout and devout SF geek). Playing the character though, while fun and easy, didn't give me that Classic Fantasy feeling. 

I almost bought the new D&D 5 Starter Set, in fact I walked right to it when I went to Dragons Lair (My Friendly Local Game and Comic Shop). I picked it up and carried it around while I browsed the other games on the shelves, putting it down only long enough to pick this up.

OMFG! I love Dungeon World, Haven't gotten a chance to run or play it yet, but I will I assure you. I'm already planning things with it and I just made my first Monster for it, you can see it here. .

Also, an old friend from The Last Cycle wrote Adventures on Dungeon Planet using the same Apocalypse engine, how could I not buy it? 

The same day I ordered that off Lulu I picked up another game from Mah Shawp.

Haven't had the chance to get into it too deeply, but it uses FATE (What? no fuckin' way!) and it looks superawesomeactionyfun in the same way Hellboy can be, I have no doubts.,.  

Oh, Of course, I forgot to get that 5th edition set, but I've been planning on waiting for the actual core books to come out anyway

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